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DokuBaku is the first independent International Documentary Film Festival in Azerbaijan. Since the establishment of the festival 2017 our aim has been to present a showcase of handpicked - specially elected documentary films from all over the world in the international program as well as local competition which aims to support the local filmmakers and non-fiction production.

This year's 3rd edition will be held from the 2nd to 6th of October and theme of the festival is "Truthfulness".

The prerequisite of our choice was the notion of the ever more and more polarized world, fragmented societies with difficulties to find places of intersections. One of the definitions of truthfulness says: the quality of being honest and not containing or telling any lies.
There is no single Truth, in politics or religion or society. There are many of them coexisting as visible and invisible parallel to our “truths”, “lies”– “lifes”. Each person has their own point of view based on the individual experience. By proposing the theme of “truthfulness” we want to stimulate the exchange of ideas. Therefore, by learning from each other to appreciate every opinion — whether it agrees with our own opinion or not — and recognize all of them equally meaningful. At DokuBaku we want to celebrate this turbulent plurality of opinions and to find the inspiration to drawn on opinions that are opposite to our own and even confronting to us. We want to contribute to the creation of the safe space for all the truths.

DokuBaku IDFF will continue supporting films` screening of the local documentary film directors along with a unique, unrepeatable as life international documentary film program intended for general public. The festival will prosper with debates and discussion of local and foreign filmmakers including various fields along with film screenings.

We believe DokuBaku will fill the gap in the cultural life and the cinema community of Azerbaijan and it will give an invaluable result with it's individual filmprogram and events like in years past.



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DokuBaku IDFF

DokuBaku is the first and only independent documentary film festival in Azerbaijan. It will be impossible to hold DokuBaku without the staff members and volunteers. On October 2nd to 6th the third edition of the festival will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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